Reiki Energy Perth is a vision created by Sharon Sims and Dave Allan of New Dimension Vitality – a division of Creatively Divine Mind and Body Wellness Pty Ltd.

Dave and Sharon have assisted many people through their Reiki, Kinesiology & Natural Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Essential Oils and Coaching Practice, newsletters, websites, MP3’s, CD’s, eBooks and workshops/trainings and are both passionate and dedicated about empowering people to make changes and be the best they can be! They are Perth’s foremost Vitality Success Consultants.

Sharon currently offers Reiki Seichem treatment sessions from her Ocean Reef room in Perth’s northern suburbs as well as the New Dimension Vitality Clinic in Fremantle, and runs regular Reiki Seichem training throughout the year from various locations around Perth.

Sharon and Dave’s vision for Reiki Energy Perth, and indeed the entire operation of New Dimension Vitality, is to empower people to success, health and happiness through high quality treatment sessions and/or training and their motto is:

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them!”

From July 2015, Reiki Seichem treatment sessions became available from the New Dimension Vitality clinic in Fremantle,  with treatment sessions being offered by Sharon, Dave and Leonie Farrell with other Reiki practitioners available from time to time. A Reiki share group will also operate from their Fremantle Clinic where Sharon’s past students can participate in the sharing of the Reiki energy with each other and hone their skills – this group will also become open to the public who wish to receive this beautiful energy at a subsidised cost and also other newly qualified reiki practitioners wishing to hone their skills.

See table below for Sharon’s lineage back to Dr Usui (Dr Usui developed/discovered Reiki in 1922)

 Lineage back to Dr. Usui


Dr. Mikao Usui

Rick & Emma Ferguson

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Margrette L Shelton

Hawayo Takata

Kathleen Ann Milner

Iris Ishikuro

Ian Burns

Arthur Robertson

Sharon Sims

Reiki Energy Perth – Creatively Divine Kinesiology and Natural Therapies, is a division of New Dimension Vitality which operates under the company umbrella of Creatively Divine Mind & Body Wellness Pty Ltd.